R. Terra is committed to providing longevity and vitality through superfoods, herbs, and vegan natural cosmetics. These provide energy, antioxidants, detoxing, weight management and supports the immune system. But the mission reaches far beyond just being a provider of herbal products and supplements. R. Terra believes that for every disease or problem, there is a natural cure based in herbalism and shaman healing. All products are natural, certified and sourced from the Amazon Rainforest, cruelty-free, plant-based, without use of any chemicals, fillers and preservatives.

R. Terra was founded by Richeli Murari, a Brazilian native and is inspired by his close to nature lifestyle. His need to maintain a natural diet and home care regimen while traveling the world working as an International model did not diminish over time, but in fact, increased with every country visited, every new discipline learned, and every language learned as he was adamant on maintaining his physique and looks, naturally.