Niche, Artistic, Exclusive, Eclectic, Clean.
Skincare, Fragrance, Supplements, Inspiring Lifestyle


Sales, Marketing & Public Relations

Uniqueness, Quality, Authenticity, High Integrity, Innovation –
This is the value of brands that we represent.

Our Mission: We support companies changing lives.

Healthy Pleasures is a Sales & Communications agency acting in the world of Clean Beauty, natural skincare,
cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, perfume, beauty elixirs and functional medicine.

With over 25 years of experience, we assist perfumeries and beauty stores all over the world in breaking new grounds to find an individual profile in the market –
– with a portfolio of innovative niche products and creative marketing activities.

Coherently with the brand´s exclusivity and specific features, we offer holistic brand development, sales representation,
sales management and strategic distribution of your products, PR & communication services and reputation building.

We do not just sell products. We deliver fresh thinking, new answers and unique solutions, developping and enriching potentials and cultures of value.
Our partners reach from private owned prestige perfumeries and luxury department stores to perfumery chains and beauty institutes, doctors, concept stores, holistic health studios and trainers – offline and online.

With a longterm experience in diverse sectors of the health and beauty markets, from the expertise as director of the German Wellness Association, over event marketing, private equity, up to Public Relations, my agency can offer you holistic and effective consultancy services with focus on sales, innovative marketing solutions, product development, supply chain, or incentives.

Cultural Spirit Management. Driven by passion, devoted to life. With love for nature and organic foods, blessing health and happiness of all beings.

Healthy Pleasures. Your Agent of Health & Beauty.

Catharina Banach

Keeping Beauty as my North Star, all feels better in my soul.

My desire with Healthy Pleasures is to be the source for beauty that extends far beyond the body and weaves together body, mind and spiritual health in a truly integrated way. Beauty is kind of subtle energy work, a protective shield against negative influences, an enhancer of positive vibes and a mood-lifter. A peaceful and a conscious soul has an eye on beauty. It´s the way to make this world a better, healthier, cleaner place. This is where I put my knowledge, expertise and passion. It is our time. The world needs you + me to shift.

Beauty is essentially the spiritual that expresses itself sensually.

I am soft-spoken and honest, sincere, empathetic and I love helping people. I love to listen, and I believe in human connection, the unique and the power of inspiration – so everything I do is tailored to bring you individual emotional, financial, entrepreneurial benefit.

It makes me happy when I can support you to burn for your work and make every day special.

I wish that we protect the sense of beauty, because it is the balance of life.