Naturals not as you know them.

Presenting a radically new approach to natural perfumery, ALTRA is the future of natural, sophisticated, responsible, genderless luxury fragrance. The perfumer-owned house offers five distinct scents exploring the relationship between nature and the man-made world using only the finest, 100% natural ingredients. Setting a new standard for the industry, Altra’s scents are not simple, single note or aromatherapeutic like other natural brands. Not only the stunning depth and unique intensity and the elevated, layered complexity of the sensorial experience, the use of the most precious ingredients (uncommon tot he most natural perfume creations that source rather from simple materials, so that ’natural’ perfume isn’t always much respected in the industry) but also the optimistic concept Profuture®, rooted in profound reverence for our planet make this brand one of a kind in the world of natural fragrance.

The abstract visual identity of ALTRA has a distinct duality telling a story of the relationship between the man-made and natural world. The very special branding itself is industrial, “material”, tactile and has a man-made feeling with a monochromatic colour palette, uncommon choices in biobased packaging, refills and plastic free samples. The sensual beauty is revealed by the organic and intricate finesse in the shape of the bottle, the colors and the storytelling. A new otherworldly experience of natural high perfumery, conceptual, nuanced, transcendent, futuristic, artisitc, leaving a mysterious, ephemeral trail.

ALTRA distills and lifts nature out of its traditional context, presenting a new otherworldly experience within three distinct scent collections: Skin Scents; Altra Intense and Future Florals.
ALTRA is not just about naturality but the genius of nature in high perfumery.
ALTRA will alter your perception of the naturality in perfume creation.

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