Be the Sky Girl

Be the Sky Gilr was born out of passion, friendship and the desire to do good things that will support women.

Be The Sky Girl is a calling, that encourages women to fulfil their dreams, gives them energy, pleasure, joy and increases their self-esteem. Be The Sky Girl means not just natural, super-quality skincare – it’s a lifestyle and values.


A SKY GIRL is a WOMAN who knows what she wants and has the courage to reach for it – for her the sky is not the limit! She is feminine, delicate, sensitive, with her heart open to the world and at the same time she is strong and makes her own decisions. She emanates with positive energy and passion, which makes her beautiful inside and outside. She is aware of the latest trends and follows it – she cares for health and loves natural cosmetics.

A SKY GIRL feels young inside herself, irrespective of her real age! She is energetic and young in her mind and behaviour.




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