Bi;jus brings 3 aspects of the original Japanese Beauty culture together: Beauty from within, Freshness and the balance bewteen Yin and Yang. Committed to the modern lifestyle, Bi;jus offers holistic 2 in 1 Express Urban Beauty to Go products combining the effectivity of Japanese beauty secrets with high-quality natural ingredients. The brand aims to help individuals achieve healthy and radiant skin while respecting their active lifestyles.

The busy skincare routine schedules 4 products:
Daily Collagen Beauty Shot with high quality peptide collagen, trans-resveratrol, vitamins B and C, coenzyme Q10 and honey – as the traditional, daily ritual of japanese women – for fimness, elasticity and youthfull glow,

Camelia & Ginseng eye patches – to help the delicate eye area of w busy woman to reduce signs of aging, fatigue and puffiness quickly as well as to tighten fine lines and wrinkles, reduce dark circles, diminish pigmentation and restore radiance within just 15 minutes of application.

2 in 1 Matcha Cleansing Gel – a modern adaptation of the traditional Japanese double cleansing method. This formula combines the gentle yet effective cleansing power of a gel with the simplicity of a single step to effectively remove impurities, excess sebum and make-up, leaving your skin clean, refreshed and balanced.

Hybrid Matcha & Yuzu Moisturizing Serum Lotion – designed to moisturize, nourish and restore skin’s natural radiance with the effectiveness of a complete beauty treatment, featuring the antioxidative powers of matcha to reduce inflammation, the vitamin richness of Yuzu for freshness and delicate eppearance, the precious Sakura exctracts for radiance and skin´s vitality, as well as the amino acid Arginine for a soothing effect, elasticity, firmness and the skin’s overall health.


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