Chic Chiq

Mixing Indian Ayurvedic tradition with a DIY approach to provide high quality skincare for a spa-at-home experience, CHIC CHIQ skincare is your gateway to a discovery of the beauty secrets of Ayurveda.

Though Ayurveda has been with us for 5000 years, it is only now that we are discovering in the west what has been common knowledge in India. While Ayurveda has so much to offer, its products have remained difficult to access. Pure Ayurveda products tend to have a strong herbal, medicine-like smell which can be distracting to some.

CHIC CHIQ formulations pay special attention to ensuring a completely soothing and relaxing experience by focusing on achieving a smooth texture, relaxing aroma, cleansing and moisturizing effect. CHIC CHIQ simplifies the process by combining the central tenets of AyurvedaCleanse | Nourish | Moisturize – to recreate that ‘spa-at-home’ feeling with its range of water-free skincare range. Moreover the aesthetic packaging, with either bamboo pots or paper sachets, is not only a beautiful addition to your shelf  but is also sustainable and eco-friendly.

Get started on your Ayurveda journey with CHIC CHIQ and take control of your own beauty ritual without compromising on the spirit of traditional Ayurveda beauty care.

The line of CHIC CHIQ contains:
Powder Face Masks, Scrubs and Ayurveda Accessories. All Natural.

Safe, Natural Ingredients
Higher Potency & Efficiency
Flexible package sizes with Refills











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