Eau de Ki

Vital energy and water – the ancestral beauty elixir.

Eau de Ki brings together in a precious water two fundamental and necessary elements of life in Japan: vital energy and water creating an Elixir of Everlasting Beauty. An ancestral Japanese Elixir with a long tradition, produced by using a unique manufacturing process: for over six months, 8 Asian medicinal ingredients and 4 Western aromatic plants are infused in large earthenware jars, following a traditional Japanese method.

For deep Cleansing, Detoxing, profound Hydration and rejuvenating Nourishment – All in One!
Adapted to all skin types, Eau de Ki minimalistic beauty routine helps the skin to help itsself on its own (treating acne, wrinkles, sebum excess and dryness)

Like all quality spirits, Eau de Ki has no expiry date: the quality of the lotion increases with time.






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