Elixirs of Desire.
A Splash of bright infinite nature.

ÉLISIRE is a premium perfume collection founded by Franck Salzwedel,
a French artist and fragrancer who finds his inspiration in art, design,
nature and his travels around the world. Nine perfumes of exception in high concentration, crafted with the finest materials extracted from nature thanks to the most innovative eco-friendly technologies, created by the greatest perfumers in the industry. ÉLISIRE tells the story of the artist’s love for fragrance and painting,
but most of all the miracle of colors and their impact on the emotional spectrum. ÉLISIRE was introduced exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman in New York in 2015, Colette in Paris in 2017, and has since pursued its conquest of the world in a selective number of prestigious doors. Vegan, cruelty-free, responsible, ethical & sustainable. With the power to reignite Desire.

To enhance the quality of ingredients and the beauty of the composition,
Elisire pushes the concentration of the oils that surpass most offers on the market: up to 30%.

Color speaks all languages. So does fragrance.
Like gradual colored auroras, particular moments where everything feels suspended, inviting contemplation and new promises.

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