Elyse INC.

Elyse Inc. is a British nutraceutical company specializing in premium vitamin and mineral based food supplements. The Elyse Inc. focus is upon Nootropics, designed to support brain health, memory and cognitive functions. Elyse Inc.’s Nootropic blends are designed to provide maximum efficacy by supporting the human body and brain in its own natural processes.

All products within Elyse INC.’s Nootropics collection feature and will always feature natural, nutritional ingredients only. The vegetarian ingredient blends are manufactured to the highest standards within the UK in GMP accredited manufacturing sites. Each product is developed using the most up to date research, with all ingredients being ethically and sustainably sourced.

Elyse Inc. guarantees the highest nutraceutical standards and a dedication to excellence. All outer packaging is created within the UK from recycled materials.

The Elyse Inc. Story

The Elyse INC. story begins with female entrepreneur and former product development consultant, Katherine E. Blake.

“It was during one particular assignment in rural Germany that the concept behind Elyse Inc. began to grow. When I first began the assignment, I could not believe how many people were signed out of work and off from the project with stress. After a couple of months into the project, I began to understand why. The intense and long days began to take their toll. I did not have access to my normal eating and nutrient regime, nor did I have time to shop for and prepare meals that would nourish me. After several months of working overly long hours, early mornings, extended nights, conducting meetings that were not in my native language and extensive travel, I crashed. I began to feel slower and unable to focus on the most simple of tasks. My ability to analyse information promptly and decisively became strained, I became prone to water infections and flu. I was used to being mentally stretched, but this was something quite new. I was exhausted and it was time to stop. But I didn’t want to. I loved the project and it was not yet complete.  It was time to design a solution.

After I completed my degree in Nutrition, I worked as a scientist in Kentucky, USA within one of the world’s first nutrigenomic centres. It was here that I was able to see just how incredibly powerful nutritional ingredients can be. Having the ability to both up regulate and down regulate (turn on and off) certain genes and biological pathways, the correct nutritional programme can make remarkable differences to its consumer, from fighting the onset of disease, to looking better, feeling better and in the case of Elyse INC.’s Nootropic collection; performing better”.

Elyse Inc. offers a premium range of nutraceuticals consisting of Nootropics; designed to achieve Cognitive excellence.

What are nootropics

Nootropics are nutrients capable of supporting cognitive function, working memory, mood, clarity and focus.
Nootropic stacking involves precisely and effectively dosing synergistic nutrients with nootropic benefits in order to achieve enhanced results. By stacking nutrients with nootropic properties, the benefits of each individual nutrient becomes strengthened, resulting in enhanced, extended and synergistic effects.





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