At the edge of the Niepołomicka Forest, surrounded by lively greenery, {iossi} creations come to life: Within the restored walls of the former bakery you will find the spacious laboratories, warehouses and offices in which the everyday matters takes place: passionate work on beautifully fragrant, unique and natural cosmetics. “In this special place, full of good energy, we create biotechnological formulas which are our response to traditionally understood natural cosmetics. It is important for us to reach for the latest scientific discoveries to ensure the effective and safe care of the skin. We only use the highest quality organic raw materials and ingredients accepted by Ecocert / COSMOS. Working in close proximity to nature, towards which we feel great esteem and reverence, we have committed ourselves to unconditional respect for it”, says Jonna Holuj, the Founder of {iossi}.

All activities by {iossi} are founded upon sound energy management, ethical production, minimal waste and consistent pro-ecological activities. Working in accordance with the highest GMP standards, the brand provides certainty and security to clients. Here, returning to the roots of nature is interweaved with knowledge, experience and passion.

Professional treatment cosmetics for the home. Sophisticated ingredients, special solutions with high concentrations of active ingredients for maximum effectiveness, synergistic combinations for optimal biocompatibility and all natural. Ultra light consistencies for problematic, sensitive skin and special needs.






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