Le Rouge Francais

Flower pigment on your lips. Nothing more.

Le Rouge Francais is a color Revolution. The unique expertise offers the first alternative to chemical, non‑renewable pigments: plant‑based colour. For products that are up to 100% natural, certified organic and vegan. Where conventional brands still stand for chemical or mineral pigments, Le Rouge Francais is revolutioning the industry with colors extracted from dye plants, while keeping their exceptional biological powers. The holistic break-thru in the cosmetic industry combines formulation and packaging sophistication of full plant based material. The base of lipsticks is composed of 3 natural ingredients, butter, oil and vegetable wax integrating at least 75% of ingredients from organic farming, while the Eco-refillable case has been created of castor oil. Cosmetbio, Ecocert certificate. Member of Le Coq Vert.

This is not a classic lipstick. This is a plant-based Revolution.”



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