Modern Cosmethics

Modern Cosmetics
Ingredients of natural origin. Scientific view.
Dr. Damjan Janes und Dr. Nina Kocevar Glavac.

With this new book a detailed collection of natural cosmetic ingredients is available for the international audience!

A clear, comprehensive critical overview of the area of natural cosmetic ingredients – a total of 482 pages, 26 chapters, 290 detailed monographs of natural and semi cosmetic ingredients and more than 500 presented ingredients. Written by 11 scientists, professionally active in the fields of pharmacognosy and cosmetology, the book represents something completely new, as there is currently no such all-in-one description of cosmetic ingredients of natural origin and natural cosmetics anywhere in the world.

Full of findings from the latest research and traditional practices – the concept is based on the meshing of the physiological needs of the skin, ecologically and physiologically acceptable cosmetic ingredients, and modern approaches of cosmetology.

The monographs include: 1) INCI classification, 2) botanical descriptions of plant sources, 3) characteristics and 4) the mechanism of action and use, including in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies. You will also find a chapter about cosmetic standards, regulations and labels as well as about the physiology of the skin’s structure and its different types, and also how plant ingredients work on the skin, highlighting various delivery systems and the technology of composition.

Due to its scientific and practical value, it is intended for professionals as well as students of natural sciences. However, one very important target public is the large number of cosmetic users, particularly the users of natural cosmetic.

I heartily invite you to discover this amazing publication!
It is currently for sure the best book of such kind on cosmetic ingredients of natural origin.