Radiće – Rooted in responsibility

Ancient traditions meet modern standards:

Naturally formulated high end luxury skincare using raw plant extracts from certified organic farming in Italy to deliver powerful results, repairing, improving and protecting. Dedicated to sourcing the highest quality medicinal herbs, purest oils and potent cosmeceuticals, the innovative and transparent formulations by Radice are hand blended and produced in small batches. Minimalist skincare, 100% natural, cruelty free. All packagings are made using recycled materials.

The experience of marveling at mother nature has left Radice passionate about beauty and the environment, which is why the brand is dedicated to bringing you pure botanical skin care with little impact to the “Radiće” (root in Italian).

Jasmine Urzia – The Founder

Radiće was born organically from Jasmine’s desire to combine plant-based and natural medicine into powerful botanical skincare products.

From a very early age Jasmine learned how raw materials can be combined to create refined healing blends. When she was just a child, she learned from her grandmother – a pharmacist who made creams and ointments using only herbs and ingredients grown in her own garden – how natural medicine can help establish balanced, lasting health and how it can positively impact daily life.

She later paired these observations with years of study of natural pharmaceuticals and her own work as an herbalist. Today, each Radiće formulation is handcrafted with care, without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, using plants and flowers that are wild-harvested and grown in a certified organic farm between Tuscany and Umbria.

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