Slim Cera

Advanced japanese beauty roller.

Ancestral knowledges of Asian medicine, such as minerals, acupuncture and «flux circulation» and modern Japanese technologies are brought together in an ultra-efficient beauty roller that allows a natural and relaxing lifting on a daily basis:

Slim Cera is the most advanced beauty roller. Its mechanism brings together ancestral knowledge of facial muscle massage (inspired by Kobido lifting massages), the use of mineral magnetism to increase cosmetics penetration (for 4.000 years). It also includes more recent know-how and discoveries such as regenerative micro-current (used in cosmetic surgery since 2006), the use of germanium to generate negative ions and the diamond cut on the rollers that cleans pores and smoothers the skin texture. The results are visible after 3 minutes of use for tone and penetration of skincare. As for the results on skin texture, wrinkles and elasticity, it will take about 3 weeks of use to see the results. A precious piece of slow beauty.

In 15 years, Slim Cera has become the ultimate anti-aging accessory of 400 000 Japanese women.

Some benefits:
• Increases blood and lymph circulation
• Enhances the penetration of the active ingredients in skincare products
• Increases the production of collagen and elastin
• Increases protein synthesis, gluconeogenesis and cell membrane transport
• Increases mitochondrial activity
• Increases elasticity and moisture
• Promotes the elimination of fats, chemicals and toxins from blood.
• Promotes the rebuilding of injured tissue.






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