Contemporary Japanese Fragrance House.

“When one takes affection—or perhaps desire—and seeks to conceal it as much as possible, push it down as deep inside as possible, rather that emotion will surface with a certain refinement.”

TOBALI was inspired by the most famous story about perfume in Japan: the legend of Emperor Ninmyō (810-850) who created Jōwa no Onimashime (“The Binding of Jowa”), an extraordinary incense fragrance.

To reveal the hidden beauty of Japan, the fragrance house has recreated this essence by modernizing it and it is now used as the core fragrance of TOBALI contemporary creations. The woody, powdery and flowery olfactory universes concealing this wonderful scent are inspired by well-known Japanese characters and sacred places that embody the concept of “hidden beauty”.

Hiding appeal inside leads to sublimation.

The Fragrance of Shadows – delicate, fragile, complex and mysterious – creates “hidden beauty”, drifting quietly like a shadow that imparts the mysterious beauty of the moon and darkness.
The mystery leaves an impression deep in the brain, like a movie that avoids a clear depiction of subsequent events, going out with reverberations rather than a happy ending. It creates its own quiet world, like a single flower vase placed in a room, rather than a garden filled with brilliantly colored blossoms. Lust that oozes out from within; strength when elegantly repressing emotions; quiet emotions concealed within a sidelong glance. “Hidden beauty” has the appeal of bringing creativity to knowledge and stimulating new thoughts.

The Fragrance of Shadows soothes the heart while drawing out sexiness, fostering strong feelings amid the quietness of moon and shadows.

“TOBALI” is a Japanese word that was created more than 1000 years ago. It can mean a cloth used to hide something, or hanging silk used to divide a space and offer concealment. Being hidden by a veil, allowing only glimpses to be seen, both increases the appeal of what lies on the other side and sublimates that attraction.


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