Adour & Kin. Interview with the Founder.

Tell us a little bit about your brand: How’d the idea come to be/what’s its backstory? Where did you get inspiration?

Paul Gere: Adour & Kin was founded on the belief that the future of ageless beauty, optimal vitality and lasting wellness is realised through the mindful use of pure and potent cosmeceuticals. All ingredients included in our formulations are gifted by nature, driven by established and emerging science, and made possible with recent advances in clean technology.

What began as a personal gut-healing journey, led to the discovery and further exploration into the world of high-end nutriceuticals ~ powerful and well-researched ingredients that had been largely ignored by more traditional companies due to cost. We searched the globe for industry innovators and leaders, meeting with respected, well established and clean-tech enabled makers of raw materials in Japan, Italy, France and Sweden. In collaboration with doctors, nutritionists and scientists, we reviewed the literature (paying particular attention to safety and efficacy) and eventually decided on nine potent ingredients for a single synergistic formula targeting hair, skin and nail vitality.

Adour and Kin is a health and lifestyle brand as much as it is a beauty brand. We believe firmly in a holistic approach to your health and beauty regime, and that favourable skin health and perceived age is simply a reflection of an optimal internal system. We make no compromise on bringing the safest, purist, most clinical researched, technologically advanced and potent food-based formulas to market.

How would you describe the brand in 3 words?

Paul Gere: Composed, pure and ageless.

What do you hope people experience/ benefit from taking the product?

Paul Gere: If someone is taking CSERA Complete Restore, it’s likely she already has an awareness of the interconnectivity of her health, lifestyle and beauty choices. The benefits of the formula are so much more than cosmetic (ranging from wound repair to digestive health through to cardiovascular assistance ~ although we tend not to mention these and other benefits for reasons of message clarity), in any case, as your body is fundamentally changed at a cellular and hormonal level, the rather fortunate visible result is a glowing complexion, stronger nails and healthy hair.

CSERA Complete Restore has been created to be used in conjunction with topical applications. Topical creams and serums can be effective for surface hydration – and of course, we always suggest you apply sun-protection. When you use a topical product, the effect is instant. But the change is not permanent and is usually only the result of surface moisture on the skin.

Beauty from within takes time but these changes are long lasting. With daily use, beneficial changes might be experienced in as little as 2-3 weeks, but we ask that you allow at least 5 weeks before assessing. Visible results will be noticed at around 90 days (12 weeks).

The collagen building nature of CSERA also makes it helpful in supporting the effectiveness of more invasive techniques and injectables, should you choose to adopt these procedures.

Please refer to your previous email for benefits of individual ingredients or here for a more in depth analysis.

What’s a fun fact about the brand nobody (well, not many people) knows?

Paul Gere: A single serve of CSERA Complete Restore contains nearly as much resveratrol as two glasses of red wine! Considering our Red Grape Skin Extract is made from wine industry by-product from vineyards in coastal Southern France ~ you would expect it to be a pretty good drop.

Talk to us about the production of the product: Where are you based? How do you test/trial the product?

Paul Gere: Adour and Kin is based in Melbourne. Ingredients are sourced directly from the world’s leading producers of high-purity cosmeceuticals from Japan, Italy, France and Sweden, and then blended and packed at our local facilities.

CSERA Complete Restore went through over twelve months of research and development before taking its current form. Ingredients were selected for safety, efficacy and synergistic properties, and all are backed by clinical studies on the actual proprietary ingredient. All ingredients come from real food, with very recent advances in clean-technology enabling the extracts to be standardised to active compounds whilst preserving the whole-food matrix. What this means is we are able to deliver targeted micro-nutrients at standardised therapeutic doses, in a bioavailable form that your body already knows and understands. We believe this complex delivery of nutrients to be far safer than ingesting isolated forms (such as vitamins and other lab generated synthetics) and much more effective than simple whole-food powers.

It was important that our products contain no additives of any kind. This includes preservatives, caking or binding agents, added flavours (natural or synthetic) or sweeteners. The formula is neutral tasting and water soluble ~ so you have the option to honour the purity of ingredients by taking only with filtered water. Of course, you can always add it to your favourite nut milk, juice or shake if you prefer.

Any other comments/things you’d like to add?

Paul Gere: We understand that ethical business practices and innovative product are inseparable. The following values help guide us to build a better brand of the future ~


Adour & Kin believe in complete transparency. You will never find us hiding behind proprietary blends or ingredients with names impossible to pronounce. We use only ingredients made from real foods – traceable to the field and sustainably sourced from the most worlds most respected cosmeceutical companies. We tell you who made each ingredient (and where), the exact origin of raw material, and therapeutic dose included in each serve. For anything you put in or on your body, we believe that this should simply be normal industry practice.


Our ingredients are made in state-of-the-art facilities with the highest standards of product purity. We have partnered globally with the most progressive suppliers of clinically proven high potency cosmeceuticals. The process always begins with sourcing premium raw materials directly from farmers. Established and emerging science is then paired with advanced technology to deliver the best of nature in a targeted therapeutic dose. To honour this purity, our formulations are free of preservatives, caking or binding agents, flavours (natural or synthetic) and sweeteners of any kind.


We choose to work only with suppliers that have adopted a transparent, secure and safe supply chain. All materials used in our formulations adhere to strict regulations at their country of origin (Japan, Sweden, Italy and France) and are backed with clinical research proving safety with long-term use. Even firmer safety and bio-security laws in Australia have approved all ingredients for use – some for the first time. Formulations are made in Australia under the supervision of Adour & Kin; with each batch tested to guarantee dose consistency and purity.


Our products contain only active ingredients, delivered to a clinically validated therapeutic dose. An immense amount of research (CSERA Complete Restore was developed over a period of eleven months) is undertaken to ensure we deliver safe and potent formulations that work. By engaging in new and emerging science, investing heavily in the latest technological developments, and being respectful to nature, Adour & Kin has created an innovative product category that is set to disrupt the health, nutrition and beauty industries.


Adour & Kin believe sustainable business practices should be a given; and we choose to work only with partners that share this sentiment. Interestingly, many of the ingredients used in our formulations are food industry by-products, minimising our environmental footprint. We avoid the use of plastic (except on the inside of our lids, as required by law) and our amber glass jars are fully recyclable, although we believe they are more suited to repurposing. The label and carton are constructed from fully recyclable uncoated cotton paper from Italy, and orders are packed and delivered in recycled paper boxes made in Melbourne, Australia.


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