Interview with Loni Baur.

Germany’s best-known make-up artist LONI BAUR talks about her new signature product THE FACE EDITION, her own brand and the importance of make-up in her life.

From April, it’s finally possible to do your own makeup like a pro. Make-up artist LONI BAUR, who does make-up for models and celebrities every day, is launching the first ever full-look make-up palettes! In the interview, she reveals how it works and how she came up with the idea for her new brand.

Tell us more about your brand. What is behind the product THE FACE EDITION?

My brand LONI BAUR and THE FACE EDITION are both based on my 25 years of experience as a make-up artist: With this first full-look make-up palette, it is possible for the first time to apply make-up in exactly the same way as I do as a make-up artist for celebrity clients or major fashion shows and editorials. With the twelve products I developed myself, it’s easy to recreate a professional signature look step by step. We start with two different looks and palettes.

How does that work exactly?

THE FACE EDITION contains a complete make-up set for the perfect look: Twelve premium beauty products in one palette! Each box creates a different unique style. The integrated QR code leads to an exclusive tutorial with me, in which I explain the individual products and steps in detail. So everyone can look like a professional makeup artist!

And which make-up styles are these? When and where can you buy the products?

The first two palettes are “Here you glow” and “Get reddy”. “Here you glow” conjures a radiant natural look, “Get reddy” a cool red-lips style. Both palettes will be available in our online store from April and cost 140 euros each. On our Instagram channel @lonibaureditions, however, we have already been taking our followers on this exciting journey since February. Here we share exclusive beauty hacks and give insights into the brand building of our female start-up. So it pays to follow us!

How did you come up with the idea for THE FACE EDITION?

Time and again, my customers – models, celebrities or even friends – have said after make-up: “Can you please write down exactly which products you used on me? I would like to do the makeup at home. With the huge range of products on the market, I therefore felt a real need to simplify the selection of suitable make-up items. That’s why I developed THE FACE EDITION: Perfectly coordinated colors and textures that together create a beautiful look.

What was important to you in the development of your products?

All LONI BAUR products are developed by myself, consist of vegan ingredients and meet the Clean Beauty Standards. They are also enriched with valuable nourishing ingredients that strengthen the skin and eyelashes. So all items in THE FACE EDITION are absolutely exclusive!

Can you tell us something about the creation process of the first two palettes? What inspired you to create these looks?

With “Here you Glow” I wanted to create a warm and approachable look. The colors are subtle and emphasize the natural beauty of the customer. The skin looks fresh, healthy and the glow makes it shine. The soft lip tone is reminiscent of cashmere and beautifully highlights the client’s own lip tone. It’s a look that brings out the best version of yourself.

“Get Reddy” on the other hand is a classic statement look. I love the combination of red and blue. The artist Rothko inspired me to do this. Anyone who knows my work knows that I love colors and makeup is allowed to be fun. The metallic dark blue liner makes the look modern and stands out. You can wear it casually with jeans, but also super transform it into an evening makeup. “Get reddy” thus offers endless possibilities!

How was the development into an entrepreneur for you? And how is it working as a team with co-founder and friend Nike Lohmann?

Nike and I have known each other for a very long time. We have a wonderful friendship. From the very first minute, we complemented each other perfectly in business: I’m responsible for the creative part of the company, she is responsible for the operational part. I admire Nike a lot. She is very clear and structured and always keeps a cool head. I am the visionary in our company and bubble over with new ideas. Nevertheless, we make almost every relevant decision together, and the exchange is always respectful. I had to learn a lot, and time management is still a challenge today.

What look are you known for and where do you get your inspirations from?

I think I’m known in the beauty scene for my artistic standards and creativity. I love details and always try to create unique looks that look for the special in the ordinary. That’s why we were able to get Swedish artist Cecilia Carlstedt to design the makeup palette. Cecilia illustrates for Harpers Bazar, ELLE, for Gucci or for StellaMcCartney, among others.

I actually find the greatest inspiration in art. I go to museums a lot and enjoy looking at contemporary art. But I also draw a lot of inspiration from life. I love Fashion Week, and often I just observe exciting personalities that I meet on the street.

What fascinates you about make-up? And what do you love most about your job?

I have the most beautiful job in the world. You have to deal with very exciting, fun and colorful people, and no two days are the same. Also, you make people happy with makeup when you help them achieve a look or more confidence. You have great conversations, and my job gives me room to be creative. I’m still hungry and can’t imagine that passion ever waning. It’s a life-time project!

Can you tell us something about your career as a make-up artist? What were the most important stages here?

I studied at a private make-up school in Cologne and then earned my first money in film and television. My creative aspirations spurred me on to strive for more, and so I built up a portfolio in Paris in parallel. It wasn’t until my four years in New York that I had my international breakthrough. And what works abroad, the Germans then also find chic. I’ve been back in Germany since 2009 and since then I’ve specialized absolutely in beauty. Of course, I have always continued to work in New York and Paris in parallel to this day. It’s very important to work internationally in order to keep your finger on the pulse of the times and to be able to live and breathe trends.

You’re with models and celebrities every day and get up close and personal with them while doing their makeup! What is it like working with your celebrity clients and can you tell us a few names that people know?

I am very discreet with Gossip, but I can proudly say that I work exclusively with great celebrities. Often the feeling is very friendly. I want my clients to feel comfortable with me, and I just love to pamper – and not only Lenny Kravitz (laughs)! Caro Daur, Emilia Schuele or even Victoria Swarovski are impressive women, and I always have fun with them.

What is your favorite beauty product? And which make-up trick should you know in any case?

My favorite buildy product is, of course, my own THE FACE EDITION palette. With it, simply nothing can go wrong. It’s the “all-around carefree package” (laughs). Otherwise, I love the revitalizing serum NO.1 by Chanel. Every makeup starts with it for me. And I like to make small moles visible again with the Q-Tip after the foundation has been applied. It makes the face look even more natural.

Do you have a professional role model? And if so, who is that?

I love Diane Kendal. She is one of the TOP 3 makeup artists in the world. I was on her show team for 14 years, and we have a very friendly relationship to this day. She does such gorgeous makeup and always remains completely calm. Her personality impresses me. She is very powerful and at the same time has an incomparable sensitivity.

If you hadn’t become a make-up artist, what profession would you be doing today instead?

I think I would have become a good hospital clown for children. I have a big heart and I like to make children laugh.

What’s the best way for you to wind down after a busy day and given your busy job? What relaxes you?

I love speedroap, jumping rope. I take my skipping rope with me everywhere. I’m really fast now, and if it keeps up, I’ll be taking off soon. Fitness is my release. And afterwards a hot bath – that’s all I need.

One last question: When can we expect the third palette? And do you already have an idea in which direction the make-up will go here?

If everything goes as planned, we can look forward to the third palette as early as the end of the year. I’m already looking for a name. Maybe “Pump up the jam” or something along those lines. It will definitely be a look that is perfect for all festivities. I have there a texture with such an irresistible glitter, which will certainly be integrated into the palette




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