Supplements for women

Modern woman and the use of skin & hair supplements

Supplements for women – is it a necessity nowadays? We live fast, intensively and at the same time we want to be healthy and beautiful. Sometimes these two “worlds” mutually exclude each other – we do not have time to take care of a balanced diet, activity or mental reset. The bad habits that accompany us are consolidated, because they are easier, faster and do not require any additional effort from us. It is a kind of a vicious circle, which is difficult to get out of. All the more so when the surrounding external environment puts pressure on us to be perfect in every area of life. A clash of the so-called “instagram vs. reality” ends in frustration and a feeling of not being good enough. Everything is “in our head” and we set our own standards.

A healthy lifestyle is one of the most important areas of our life. We are talking here about a balanced diet, physical activity, rest, ability to cope with stress or taking care of the mental sphere. The number of challenges that accompany us makes it a challenge to maintain a proper balance of minerals and vitamins in the body. Our needs are met by beauty supplements – complementing and enriching our diet with necessary ingredients. Dietary supplements are concentrated formulas being a source of vitamins, minerals and other substances produced and distributed in a form that allows proper dosage of tablets, capsules, syrups, sachet, powders, liquids. Their use is becoming more and more common – they are easily accessible and easy to consume. On the other hand, this also causes them to be abused. Supplementation should be chosen according to the individual needs of the organism and possible deficiencies. What is most important – it must be produced by reliable manufacturers, guarantee good quality and must work!


Supplements for women – which supplement is the best for me?

The perfect supplement for all women doesn’t exist. We are different and have different needs. Of course, we all have common goals – we want to be beautiful, have a radiant complexion, well-groomed hair, nails and feel good. However, this doesn’t mean that we can use the same supplements. Why? First of all, we are characterized by differing physiologies. Our body reacts differently to certain substances – they will serve some people and not necessarily others. We are of different ages, are accompanied or not by different ailments, disorders or diseases. We live at different stages of our lives – some of us are future moms or breastfeeding mothers. This group of mothers should pay particular attention to the preparations they take. After all, they take care not only of themselves, but also of their child’s health.

Many of us also have a problem with certain allergies and have to avoid certain substances that can cause unpleasant symptoms. All these factors (and many others – individual) mean that the choice of the best supplement for women should be considered and, if possible, consulted with a doctor or dietician. Before using the supplementation, you may also consider performing basic tests, which will allow us to get an answer to the question – what deficiency do we have in the body?

Different issues – different supplements for women

Beauty supplements – this group includes various women supplements for a radiant complexion, beautiful hair and nails. Certain deficiencies in our body are often visible in the form of a changed, less aesthetic appearance of these. This should be a signal – something is wrong so start acting. This means that our lifestyle and diet is not good enough and it is worth considering enriching it with the best type of supplementation. One of the basic ingredients of an ideal women supplement is biotin – vitamin H. Its effect on hair, skin and nails is by far the best documented – it affects their proper growth and contributes to increase thickness, elasticity and health. But biotin is not for everyone – it only works for people who have a deficiency of group B vitamins. Zinc is also an essential ingredient – its deficiency intensifies skin problems. Another wonderful ingredient of the best supplement for women is coenzyme Q10 – it has anti-aging properties, delays the process of skin aging, has a positive impact on its regeneration and protects against collagen breakdown under the influence of sunlight.

Iron – its deficiency weakens the whole body, including the condition of hair or nails. We women, are more exposed to its deficiency due to the loss of menstrual blood. In addition, we need sulphur, or more precisely sulphuric amino acids (L-cysteine and L-methionia), which are the building blocks of hair and nails. Vitamins A, C, D and E are also necessary. Vitamin A regulates the process of epidermis keratosis, but it is present in our diet in large amounts, so its supplementation is the last resort. Vitamins C and E are primarily antioxidants. Vitamin E improves hydration of the skin and reduces the appearance of inflammation, and vitamin C helps in the fight against discolorations. In the best supplement for hair, skin and nails you can also look for these ingredients – nettle, silica (e.g. from the field horsetail) or pantheonic acid. The presence of the ingredients listed by us is essential if we want to take the best care of our beauty.

We mentioned that the best dietary supplement for women does not exist, but… there are some that may need to be taken! They include vitamin D – thanks to its action our skin is less dry, regenerates quicker and is in better condition. In addition, it can inhibit the development of allergic reactions and damage caused by oxidative stress and reduce inflammation. Its deficiencies are common and affect practically all of us, and the benefits of its supplementation can be exchanged almost endlessly. Another such beauty supplement are omega-3 fatty acids. Their action is based on the effective prevention of hair loss. In addition, they give shine and resilience to both the skin and its products. They have many more advantages, among others, affecting the proper functioning of the female hormonal system. These supplements are a must have!

According to Zojo’s motto, a healthy and beautiful look is above all an action from the inside. The Ayurvedic ingredients – herbs and plants – are unique in this respect. Among them we can distinguish ashwagandha – we know it as an adaptogen – a remedy for stress, but what is interesting, it has anti-aging properties and has a beneficial effect on acne skin. Tulsi, on the other hand, perfectly cleanses, renews and nourishes the skin due to its antioxidant content. The undisputed queen is curcuma – it has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can prove effective in the fight against acne and additionally regulates the secretion of sebum. There is also triphala – an excellent source of vitamin C which has an antioxidant effect and reduces the visible signs of aging of the skin.


Women supplements – modern use

Beauty supplements improving the appearance of skin, hair or nails, are ranked second in the ranking of the most popular products in Poland. Research also shows that it is women who are more likely to use dietary supplements and indicate that before choosing the best supplement they consult, for example, a pharmacist. Advertisements for dietary supplements in the media have a significant impact on consumers – they are often the primary and only source of information about products. Women who use dietary supplements have a positive attitude towards them – they are interested in many factors related to supplementation and are aware of the potential risks associated with their intake. A statistical modern woman is educated and aware – she knows what is good for her and takes care of herself in a multidirectional way, including supplementation in her life.


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