Formulating excellence. Michelle Wand, ARITHMOS.

“It’s definitely a lot harder to break into the beauty industry given I’m not a beauty editor or celebrity with an existing following or someone with a big marketing budget. Therefore, the products must stand out and I think they do.”

The idea for wellness brand Arithmos came to Michelle Wang after an honest chat with her husband. “My husband once asked me, ‘What are you going to do when you retire?’. I stayed silent because I didn’t have an answer. Working in corporate was all I knew, but there was an expiry date,” she recalls. Wang started thinking about what makes a meaningful life. “Since that conversation with my husband, I started to pay more attention to things around me,” she says. “The light bulb moment happened when I was trying to find a solution for my daughter’s skin problem.”

Wang, who grew up in Hong Kong, went to high school in Dallas, and attended university in Sydney, was in a trial and error phase of trying anything and everything to relieve her daughter’s skin condition when she decided to make something in her own kitchen. “I created a body oil product that not only relieved her skin condition but also saw her skin return to a healthy and supple state. The next step I took was to become a cosmetic chemist.”

Oh yes—Wang doesn’t do things by halves. She went back to her studies, balancing this with her day job in corporate accounting, and eventually, Arithmos was born. Here, she breaks down how she made it happen.

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